Google reduces trade-in value for Pixel Watch towards upcoming Pixel Watch 2

US Google Store Re-Introduces Trade-In Option for Pixel Watch 2 on Pixel Watch

In exciting news for tech enthusiasts, the US Google Store has recently announced the reintroduction of the option to trade in the first-generation Pixel Watch towards the purchase of the highly anticipated Pixel Watch 2. This move has generated significant interest among consumers who are eagerly awaiting the release of Google’s latest smartwatch.

However, it is essential for potential buyers to take note of some changes in the trade-in values that have been observed across various brands. Initially, customers could receive a trade-in value of $150 for their first-generation Pixel Watch. Unfortunately, as of November 1, the trade-in value has slightly declined to $110. This means that those looking to upgrade to the Pixel Watch 2 will receive a lower value for their original device.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the condition of the device being traded in. If the first-generation Pixel Watch has cracks or malfunctioning buttons or screen, the trade-in value will decrease even further, dropping to $55 from the original $75. This depreciation reflects the importance of keeping smartwatches in good condition to maximize their trade-in value.

Interestingly, the fluctuation in trade-in values is not limited to the Pixel Watch series alone. Similar changes have been noticed for other popular brands like Fitbit, Apple, and Samsung. Fitbit’s Charge 5 and Sense models have managed to maintain their trade-in values at $40 and $74, respectively.

On the other hand, Fitbit’s Versa models have experienced a decrease in trade-in value. The Versa 2, for instance, now commands a trade-in value of $65, down from the previous $100. The Versa 3 has also seen a decline in value, currently valued at $74 compared to its former $100 trade-in value.

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In the case of Apple Watch, trade-in values have remained relatively steady, with most models maintaining the same value. For instance, the Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen), as well as Series 4 and Series 5 models, continue to hold their trade-in value of $60.

Interestingly, the trade-in value for the Apple Watch Series 7 has slightly increased from $105 to $110, showcasing its popularity among consumers. Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 8 has experienced a significant increase in trade-in value, jumping from $145 to a notable $165.

Samsung Galaxy Watch models have also drawn attention in terms of trade-in values. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra retains a trade-in value of $175. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has seen an increase in value, climbing from $37 to $60. However, the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro have experienced a slight decrease in trade-in value, currently valued at $65 and $60, respectively, down from $68.

Overall, the drastic fluctuations in trade-in values across various brands have surprised consumers. While some models manage to maintain their value, others show a decrease or even an increase. This news serves as a reminder to stay informed about the latest trade-in value updates before making a decision to upgrade to a newer smartwatch.


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