GNTM star Stephanie Geisinger: Fans fear the worst

GNTM star Stephanie Geisinger surprises with statement – fans fear the worst

GNTM: ProSieben Show Winners

GNTM: ProSieben Show Winners

These are the previous winners of “Germany’s Next Top Model”.

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What’s there? GNTMStar Stephanie Geisinger loose? The model is currently teasing her fans with a tantalizing Instagram story. Now they are expecting a horror scenario.

GNTMStar Stefanie Giesinger regularly gives her fans snapshots of her private life. And now that she has posted a picture with her cousins ​​on Instagram. When asked if the boys were celibate, the model show winner had a disturbing answer.

GNTMActress Stephanie Geisinger stirs up divorce rumors

As she appears in her Instagram story, many fans are calling her and asking about the relationship status of their two cousins. Their followers ask “Is David still single?” or “Is Mike taken?”. And now it’s getting weird: the model has a clear answer to all these requests: “Well. Since when does everyone love my little cousins? When did that happen? But yeah, we’re single. ” wait a moment! we? In fact, Stephanie is happily smitten by British YouTube star Marcus Butler.


this GNTMActress Stephanie Geisinger:

  • The model was born on August 27, 1996 in Karlsruhe
  • Stefanie Giesinger became famous in 2014 for winning the ninth season of “German’s Next Top Model” (GNTM) over ProSieben
  • She has been in a relationship with British YouTuber Marcus Butler since 2016
  • The top model is the brand ambassador for “L’Oréal”
  • Since 2018, she has been selling her own line of cosmetics “MOЙ” in the pharmacy chain “dm”
  • Stefanie Giesinger is contracted to the modeling agency “Muse Model Management” in New York


GNTM star Stephanie Geisinger alerts her fans

Of course, this does not go unnoticed by fans on Instagram. Both the GNTM winner and her friend Marcus worriedly commented to fans, “Are you single again?”. Some even go so far as to see that the relationship between the two is officially over: “Bianca I and Julian and now Stephanie and Marcos.” What is meant here is the separation of the two YouTube stars, which has been going through the media for a few weeks now.

A statement from the 25-year-old has yet to come. So we’ll see what really happens with the breakup rumors over the next few days.


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And the role of the rumor mill is not limited to Stephanie Geisinger. The GNTM casting program is currently receiving criticism from all sides. Gradually, the former candidates report and shoot the show presented by model Heidi Klum. This former GNTM candidate also commented >>>


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