“Germany drives for free! # Even better” – is that true?

“Germany drives for free! # Even better” – is that true?

“Germany is driving for free! # Is even better, ”said the Federal Ministry of Transport, DB and VDV. It promotes the free public transportation campaign in Germany for three months from April 4, 2022. Is there something in it or a late April Fool’s joke?

“As Deutsche Bahn, we want to make our contribution to the protection of peace and fair climate in Europe,” the website advertises with this sentence. deutschland-faehrt-gratis.de A free public transport campaign. There was actually an action last September #BetterNext, A joint venture between the federal government, federal states, public transport companies and the “Deutschland Mobil 2030”. With the Deutschland Abo-Upgrade, travelers on local public transport across Germany can expect free travel on buses and trains from September 13 to 26, 2021. This made it possible to use local transportation beyond the validity of your own subscription ticket.

Campaign leaflets were also distributed

In addition to internet and social media attention, they seem to have distributed leaflets on public transport. However, the authenticity of this photo or tweet cannot be verified because no other tweet like this has appeared.

Free public transportation across Germany from April 4, 2022 to July 4, 2022?

Even if the website has a very serious structure and includes press releases and frequently asked questions, take a look at it. Impress Or in the footer expression. Here is the responsibility of “Unterhaltungsfernsehen Ehrenfeld UE GmbH”, the logo of ZDF Magazin Royale in the footer – so you can already guess. Of course, this data was taken boldly and it is possible that someone else was behind it. We will find out more at the next Late-Night Show with satirist Jan Böhmermann.

The action is fake, the April Fool’s joke is a bit late, so it might be a little more believable. Incidentally, the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection also has this On Twitter Confirmed as a fake act. The action was discovered, which is a fake campaign.

Hurry to DB ticket counters and hotlines?

Unfortunately, fake news is spreading as fast as this campaign, which was created with great effort. Unfortunately, nothing about that is true and is not particularly fun for DP. This fake campaign has now reached a large number of people, which means that increased inquiries at ticket counters and hotlines can no longer be ruled out.

What is really true: After negotiations with the Transport Lighting Coalition, a local public transport ticket should be available as soon as possible to free all employees for 90 days at 9 euros / month. NDR report. In fact the real propaganda is the Austrian propaganda ClimaticIt is possible to use all public transport (bus, train) throughout Austria at a cost of 0 1,095 per year.

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