German counterfeit Anna Sorokin is currently in the United States

Anna Sorokin, 31, a German counterfeiter, was initially detained by the US Immigration Service (ICE). The emergency residence permit issued in November 2021 will continue for the time being, the authority told a German newspaper in New York on Tuesday. Until his “pending deportation”, Sorokin will initially be in the custody of authorities, where he has been since March 25, 2021.

Authorities did not want to provide details of the pending deportation “for operational security reasons”. There were earlier speculations that Sorokin might be deported to Germany this week.

Born near Moscow in 1991, Sorokin emigrated with his parents to Germany as a teenager and later graduated from high school in Eschwiler, near Aachen. He then traveled to New York via London and Paris, where he showed off his legacy to millions in Manhattan’s high society under the nickname Anna Delvy – a court ruling in 2019 – for stealing services worth $ 200,000 (approximately 175,000 euros). .

Sorokin was sentenced to four years in prison, but was released in early 2021 for good conduct. Shortly afterwards, he was re-arrested due to an expired visa, and has since been out of the facility of the Immigration Service ICE. He has repeatedly appealed against deportation to Germany. Sorokin’s story can currently be found on the Netflix streaming service titled “Inventing Brother”, and according to his own reports, he is also working on another documentary series, a book and a podcast.


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