German Bundesliga: Personal Ginter's team overshadows Gladbach defeat
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Ginter’s staff overshadowed Gladbach’s defeat against Leverkusen

Borussia Monchengladbach lose to Bayer Leverkusen. For the first time since 2017, Matthias Ginter is off the bench in Borussia at the start of the match. There are many signs of separation this winter. Coach Adi Hütter comments on the staff.

DrBorussia Mönchengladbach’s hopes of catching the title were dashed by an unfortunate defeat to Bayer Leverkusen. On Saturday evening, coach Adi Hütter’s team, which is currently being rebuilt, conceded 1:2 (0:0) without national player Matthias Ginter, who was pushed off the bench, although goalkeeper Jan Sommer saved two penalties.

When Marvin Friedrich appeared behind Ginter for the first time in the starting line-up, Robert Andrich (minute 51) scored after Sommer saved a controversial penalty from striker Patrick Schick. Then Leverkusen’s second goal was awarded to the Czech, although new Gladbach player Friedrich may have been the last to get the ball. Niko Elvedi (81) was a success too late for Borussia. And in the last minutes, Sommer saved the second penalty kick for Karim Demrebay (88).

With this, Leverkusen, who are third in the table and now back in the Champions League, ended their five-game winning streak against their favorite opponent.

“The transfer period is open until the 31st.”

The first exclamation mark that day was identified by Gladbach coach Adi Hütter, who took national player Matthias Ginter off the bench following Marvin Friedrich’s move from Union Berlin. “What Matthias Ginter does with the situation – he’s professional enough, and he knows you can still use it. The transfer window is open until the 31st,” Hütter said before the match on Sky pay.

Borussia Moenchengladbach - Bayer Leverkusen 04

For the first time in his time at Borussia, Matthias Ginter was taken to the bench at the start of the match.

Cowell: pa / Neundorf / Kirchner-Media / Christopher Neundorf

Ginter, who is free in the summer, could leave Borussia in the next two weeks. Friedrich played again from the start against Leverkusen a few days after his transfer. “On the one hand, it is about the future, and on the other hand it is about performance. I did not make a decision against it, but in the end I also decided on the future and for Marvin Friedrich,” continued Hütter.

Friedrich initially showed a lively and fighting performance, but deserved the penalty after the break and was also instrumental in the second goal conceded.

Sommer also saves his second penalty kick

The match was largely at eye level, but Gladbach felt more dangerous in attack. Bayer was initially lucky after the break when referee Sacha Stegmann signaled a penalty after an unfortunate action by Frederick. Gladbach’s new signature inadvertently landed Karim Belarbi in an indecisive position. Sommer brilliantly saved Schick’s penalty kick, which was not received by the VAR. Then Borussia’s defense was taken by surprise in the next corner and Andric pushed the ball over the goal line.

Leverkusen’s second goal was due at that point before Elvedi made the prestige duel exciting again because Sommer also saved Leverkusen’s second penalty kick by Karim Demirbay in the final minutes (88).


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