Full-time influencer?: Tesla CEO Musk on Twitter - Consider quitting my job
a job full-time influencer?

Tesla CEO Musk on Twitter – Consider giving up my job

Elon Musk sells ten percent of his Tesla stock

Tesla chief Elon Musk has made his Twitter followers vote on the potential sale of 10 percent of his shares in the US electric car maker. The billionaire had announced that he would stick to the outcome of the vote – “whatever the outcome”.

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Once again, Elon Musk is causing a stir on Twitter. In a call, he asks if he should quit his jobs and become a full-time influencer. In January, Musk announced that he wanted to be at the helm of Tesla for several years.

TEsla president Elon Musk is considering bidding farewell to all of his management positions – but it’s unclear if he’s serious. “Thinking about quitting my job and becoming a full-time influencer – what do you think?” Musk wrote on Twitter on Thursday. An indication of his great power via Twitter, which partly moves prices on the stock exchange.

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However, he did not write more than this one sentence. In January, Musk announced that he wanted to be at the helm of Tesla for several more years.

The tweet had already amassed over 185,000 likes on Friday morning, German time.

Tesla is worth more than any other automaker

Musk is known for his ambiguous statements on Twitter, where he has nearly 66 million followers. His tweets have also repeatedly caused sharp swings in Tesla’s stock in the past. Musk still owns a large stake in the pioneering electric car company that he founded and its president.

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Tesla is currently worth about $900 billion on the stock exchange – more than any other automaker. In November, Musk asked via Twitter if he should give up ten percent of his stake, which was largely confirmed by the community. Since then, he has sold more than $12 billion of Tesla stock. What is certain is that at least the first part of his recent stock sales kicked off long before the Twitter vote. The cash can be used by Musk – who owns a very large amount of equity capital, but has relatively few liquid assets of billionaires – to pay taxes, among other things, which are due to the massive increases in value when exercising stock options worth billions.

Musk is also the founder and president of the space company SpaceX. He also runs infrastructure company The Boring Company and Neuralink, which is developing a computer chip that enables communication between the human brain and a computer.

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