France, Spain and Sardinia: forest fires in the Mediterranean - hundreds of residents evacuated

while in Germany Many people are still struggling with the floods of the past few days and their consequences, raging in areas SpainAnd France And Italy Extensive fires. In northeastern Spain, for example, there appears to be a forest fire located about 100 kilometers to the west Barcelona to get out of control. The Catalan Forest Service said the fires have so far destroyed 1,100 hectares of forest and farmland Twitter With.

There is a risk that the winds, which usually start around noon in the area, will continue to heat the fire with high temperatures of about 30 degrees and a severe drought. Up to 5,000 hectares are directly threatened. It’s the biggest wildfire of the year in the wooded area so far Catalonianewspaper books “Newspaper”. Ash has already reached parts of Barcelona.

also in south of France Shrubland and burnt forest areas between the cities of Narbonne and Carcassonne, on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 8.5 square kilometres. French authorities have deployed more than 1,000 firefighters and rescuers, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced via Twitter. Firefighting planes have also been deployed in the Aude region in southern France. According to media reports, no one was injured initially.

The fire caught fire for an unknown reason before and then spread. On Saturday, the fire caused power outages in France and Spain as well Portugal Due to a fault in one of the high voltage lines. In France alone, more than 100,000 families have so far been affected, network operator RTE announced, according to information from the German news agency (dpa).

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In the middle of the night, a forest fire broke out, affecting several hundred residents in the west of the Italian island Sardinia: About 400 people had to leave their homes Italian media reported. Among other things, the inhabitants of the town of Cuglieri were affected. She added that some residents could have returned in the morning when the situation improved a bit. The newspaper wrote that “massive fires” have been destroying fields in the area since Saturday “New Sardinia”.

Emergency forces will continue to fight the flames on Sunday. The Italian news agency, citing the authorities, reported that several firefighting planes and helicopters were used over the island. So the risk of fire remained high. According to media reports, fires broke out in other parts of the country. Authorities warned that temperatures would continue to rise on Monday.

According to preliminary estimates by the authorities, the fires in the west of the island between Santo Lusorgio and Cogliari covered several thousand hectares. Homes were also damaged, the media reported. The Coldiretti Agricultural Society spoke of a “disaster” and great damage to agriculture. She added that grasslands, forests and in some cases animals were lost.


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