France: Already 36 local cases of dengue fever


More local dengue cases

Health authorities have now reported 36 locally transmitted dengue cases in France this year (as of September 14, 2022).

in the area from the Occitan:

  • in Burns Oriental, Perpignan, a localized case of dengue whose symptoms had already started in mid-June. No other cases have been identified since then.
  • In Hautes Burns, four outbreaks occurred in Common Andrest (3 cases) and Rabastens (1 case). Symptoms are observed between mid-July and late August.
  • In Haute-Garonne, in Salvette-Saint-Gilles, there was an outbreak of four cases of dengue in a house, the symptoms of which appeared in the latter half of August.

in pakka-region:

  • In Var, in Viennes, an outbreak of six cases of dengue was observed between late June and late July.
  • In the Maritime Alps, 21 cases were detected on September 13 in the municipalities of St. Jeanette (14 cases), Gatiers (6 cases) and Gaud (1 case). Symptoms started between early August and early September. This outbreak is ongoing and more cases are likely to be identified.

Epidemiological investigations were carried out for each of the above cases in order to identify more cases and determine the exact transmission area. Affected areas were informed of the diagnosis and more cases of dengue were reported. Entomological surveys and mosquito control measures have been conducted or are in progress.

An outbreak of Aedes albopictus could lead to more transmission of dengue, chikungunya or Zika in the coming weeks.

Dengue fever is an infection found in tropical and subtropical climates around the world. It is transmitted by mosquito bites and can cause a serious illness similar to the flu. A small number of cases are also observed in southern Europe (including France) each year. Since arriving in France in 2004, the tiger mosquito’s range has expanded northward. The tiger mosquito is a vector of dengue, chikungunya and Zika viruses.

France reported a total of 12 locally acquired (original) dengue cases in 2020.

The spread of the tiger mosquito – Aedes Albopictus – in France:

Map showing the spread of tiger mosquitoes


Dengue fever transmission.


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