Fortnite Offline: Server crash for update 19.40 today

Fortnite is going offline today: Epic Games announces maintenance work for Battle Royale shooter Update 19.40 in its starting blocks. in stream Twitter share The developers provide the first details, including the exact time. it’s working Fortnite is offline at the usual time at 10 am. Initially, logins and joining the game are no longer possible. The developers turn off the matchmaking system half an hour before. against 9:30 a.m. You can start the last match right now Join before maintenance work.

Fortnite is online today

How long Fortnite will remain offline today is not clear from the information. This can vary depending on the complexity of the work. However, the maintenance work in Battle Royale shooter is usually short-lived, so The servers come back around noon Fortnite should run again as normal. In the context of the downtime, the developers are posting this Update 19.40, which should contain additional changes and innovations. Specific patch notes are not available. However, there is already preliminary information about the scope of today’s update.


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