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The Hunger Games Prequel
Thousands of plugins are required in Duisburg

Hunger Games fans, watch out! The prequel “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” will be filming in Duisburg this summer – looking for thousands of additional items. However, interested parties should not necessarily stick to their own hairstyle.

Tribute von Panem’s pre-release “Song of Songbirds and Snakes” (“Song of Birds and Snakes”) will be filmed in the greater Duisburg area from mid-August. About 3,000 additional items are now being hunted for imaging. As Spiegel reports, Eick’s agency is looking for people who can work for one to eight days of shooting.

“People of all races and backgrounds as well as all genders and gender identities were invited, ages 8 to 80,” Gregor Webber, co-owner of Eck, tells the magazine. “Since many of these individuals will be represented as residents of Panem, a natural and expressive appearance is a must.”

Those interested should Apply onlineA data form and two recent photos must be submitted by 8 August. As Spiegel writes, the casting agency has a few other requirements: people with visibly dyed hair, permanent makeup, solarium tan, fixed braces, tunnel earrings, piercings and tattoos on visible parts of the body are not appropriate.

For those who are brave and willing to invest heavily, applicants should be prepared to have their hair cut if necessary. And for the bravest, some scenes require extras to shave their hair.

“Song of the Bird and the Snake”

Anyone familiar with the Hunger Games knows that a large portion of the population in Pandim is described in both the film and the book as severely malnourished. That’s why the Casting Agency “prioritizes skinny and ultra-thin body types,” Webber explains to Spiegel. In addition, many young people who are at least 17 years old but look younger are required. “Requests from people with physical disabilities, including those with visible scars or amputations, are most welcome.”

The movie is based on Susan Collins’ 2020 book of the same name, which is set decades before Katniss Everdeen’s adventures in The Hunger Games – so Jennifer Lawrence won’t appear in it. Instead, the dramatic story revolves around Coriolanus Snow, an ambitious boy who eventually becomes the tyrannical leader of the miserable land of Panem. Tom Blyth will be playing the role of little Snow, as it was recently announced. Snow also became Gray’s mentor during the Hunger Games.


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