Goat goes: Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback superstar Tom Brady ends his career with seven Super Bowl hoops in the National Football League (NFL) after 22 years.

He’s probably the best footballer of all time: Tom Brady. The quarterback legend has won the Super Bowl seven times – now 22 years later it is over.

According to the American media “ESPN”, the 44-year-old has decided not to pursue his unique career after the play-offs with defending champion Tampa Bay Buchanan. Official confirmation is still pending.

Failed in the playoff round

Brady left the New England Patriots in 2020 after 19 years and a degree dynasty. He continued his career in Florida, where he won another Super Bowl with Buccaneers and old friend Rob Kronkowski. In this year’s playoffs, the Bucks lost to the Los Angeles Rams 27:30 after a thrilling comeback in the division round from 3:27 to 27:27.

Tom Brady spectator in the semifinals on Sunday. His quarterback colleague Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs), who could shape an era of the game, commented on the report with an emoji goat on Twitter – GOAT: Greatest Of All Time. Julian Edelman, Brady’s longtime patriotic teammate, thanked him for “the memories we shared, baby.”


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