Floods after tropical storm:

Status: 09/29/2022 3:26 PM

Tropical Storm Noru hit northern Thailand, causing severe flooding in dozens of provinces. The storm had previously caused devastation in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Tropical Storm Noru swept northern Thailand. Heavy rains in dozens of provinces led to severe flooding.

As a precaution, the authorities have returned thousands of people to safety. A total of 10,000 families in Thailand have been affected by the floods, according to the country’s Civil Protection Authority.

Water waist deep in the streets

Thai media reported that the Ubon Ratchathani district, where water is sometimes deep in the streets, was badly hit.

A man was killed when a tree fell on his car during a storm in Si Sa Kate County, Thiger news website reported, citing police. The agricultural areas were completely submerged in water in many places. It was also raining non-stop today in the capital, Bangkok, in the southwest of the country.

From the Philippines via mainland Southeast Asia

Since then the storm has weakened and turned into a tropical depression. Noru was initially classified as a super typhoon on Sunday and swept through the Philippines with gusts of up to 240 kilometers per hour, killing at least eight people.

Since Wednesday night, the typhoon has swept through the central coastal regions of Vietnam, accompanied by strong winds and torrential rain. Electricity was cut off in several counties. Trees fell, roofs flew off and thousands of homes were damaged. In neighboring Cambodia, 16 people were killed in severe floods.


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