Final Fantasy 14 Director: Be Your Own!

Not only abroad Final Fantasy 14 Source of bizarre events, amusing memes, and community gatherings: MMORPG players gathered in the past to mourn the famous mangaka, to protest the removal of square combos, and to discuss how to lay a properly eaten chicken egg.

All of the above activities have one thing in common: they hooked up Final Fantasy 14 players (Buy now €25.98) in a harmonious group. But unfortunately, not everything is just peace, joy, pies in the fictional title: as usual in a multiplayer game, there are some non-athletic playersWhich spoils the mood of others.

Final Fantasy 14 director demands an end to toxic behavior

These black sheep are not only noticed by other players, but also by Director Fone Final Fantasy 14, Naoki YoshidaHe became aware of toxic behavior. on The game’s official website So he posted an appeal request by addressing the entire Final Fantasy 14 player community:

“All PvP content, including Crystal Clash, is designed to depict a battle between players and their skills. Participants do their best in battle, so uncooperative or careless behavior is prohibited. Let us strive for this, even in situations where defeat is a Doing our best is inevitable, whether you care about rewards or not.”

“The use of sarcastic, abusive, or abusive language in chat is prohibited, not only in Crystalline Conflict but in all PvP content. The following examples of use of targeted sentiment and other behavior are considered sarcastic and fall under prohibited activities.” We’ll tell you exactly what Yoshida means by inappropriate behavior On page 2!

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