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FC Augsburg: DFB Cup: FCA wants to win with Strobl and Zeqiri in starting lineup in Bochum

FC Augsburg is currently in deep crisis. Against VfL Bochum this is not about points, but about an important signal in the exit battle.

There are days when the mood is around FC Augsburg Was more relaxed. At 1: 4 after the defeat FSV Mains The club is finally in crisis. Empty numbers alone are dangerous enough: with six points, the FCA is in the relegation rankings, with the third worst defense and the worst storm in the league.

Addition: The manner in which the Mains failed is worrying. Or, saying to FCA President Glass Hoffman: “The level of humility is that I could not sleep until night.”

In the league, VfL Bochum is four points ahead of FCA

FC Augsburg’s Cup match against Bochum now requires a significant increase in performance to advance to the next round. More important than getting to the 16th round of the tournament will be the success of setting a precedent: Bochum is one of FCA’s rivals in the fight to stay in the league. However, VfL currently have a four-point lead over FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga.

Coach Marcus Weincierl Alfred Finfocas may step back in the cup game: Icelander “100 percent fit”. A job at Bochum is coming very quickly for Nicholas Dorsh and Friedrich Jensen. Vincierl did not announce the total rotation and instead held the players in charge. Everyone who was on the field in Maine now wants to perform better. None of the players cared about the outcome, on the contrary: at half-time he was replaced by Robert Cummins and Sergio Cordova who were deeply disappointed and “cried bitterly”.

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In fact, FCA coach Markus Weinzierl switches to only two positions in Mainz compared to the starting eleven. Andy Zegri replaces Sergio Cordova in the starting line-up, replacing Sergio Cordova with Tobias Stroble: FC Oxburg

Kikivich – Kamni, Oxford, Kowaliev, Iago – Vargas, Mayor, Caliguri, Stroble, Hon – Zegri

Bank: Quebec, Crusoe, Cordova, Gregorich, Saranren Bassi, Winter, Finfocason, Gunther

Klaus Hoffman, FC Oxburg President.

Photo: Stephen Buchner / DPA-Pool / DPA

FCA President Glass Hoffman supports Reuters and Weinzier

At least for now, senior FCA employees Markus Weinzierl and Stefan Reuter can work in peace. FCA CEO Klaus Hoffman supported both of them in an interview with our editorial board, despite the poor start to the season: “There is no debate about the staff in the position of sports director or coach. We can perform better. Occurred but the content was discussed. At the end of all discussions, we firmly believe that we will win back in our galaxy. “

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