'Farmer is looking for a woman internationally': A woman-in-waiting must leave South Africa

Rüdiger from South Africa sends one of his ladies-in-waiting home. (archive photo)


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In “Bauer sucht Frau International” almost all farmers decided to choose a lady-in-waiting or lord-in-waiting, now also Rüdiger in South Africa

German-speaking farmers all over the world are looking for love again. In the fourth season of the “Bauer sucht Frau” branch “Bauer sucht Frau International” four farmers and a farmer’s wife invited new potential partners to the farms. While the start here was bumpy for coffee grower Felix of Peru and a lady-in-waiting left the farm after a drama of jealousy, the first half of the farm week went quite smoothly for Rüdiger in South Africa.

Because after a short while the masks fell on Rudy and Mrs. Christine and Martina not only were the chickens fed, the trio had a lot of fun too. In the fourth episode of “Bauer sucht Frau International”, farmer Rüdiger finally puts Kristen to the test and asks important questions. But it only got really exciting with Episode 5, which aired on RTL on May 9.

Bauer is looking for a woman internationally: a woman in waiting registers with Rudiger’s friends

Because in wine tasting together, Kristen made a mistake that might have made Rüdiger think. The lady-in-waiting not only tolerated the heat, but also made it clear to Rüdiger that she did not drink alcohol. After trying it for a short time, he immediately spit out the fine drop. Don’t go for Rüdiger. A wine lover wants to talk to his partner about scents in the future – is this the end for Christine?

After all, Martina managed to score two goals that day. Whether in wine tastings or at 45 degrees on safari, the contender for Rüdiger’s heart was the sovereign. Plus, “Rudi” friends may have received Martina better than her rival Kristen. It was rated as “warmer” and less conservative.

+++ Attention, spoilers continue from here in Episode 6 of May 10, 2022 +++

Farmer looking for a woman on Instagram: This lady should go in Episode 6

And just as the trend appeared in episode five of “Bauer sucht Frau International” 2022, episode six continues. On Rüdiger’s farm in South Africa, the waiting ladies first get a cold drink, then Rüdiger announces a great trip to Cape Town – to the beach, where it’s also possible to cool off from the 40-degree heat wave in South Africa. But the surprise came right away: Rudy just wants to go on a ride with one of the two waiting ladies.

Rüdiger told the two women that he did a lot during the first half of the week on the farm – which was great, but he only wanted to spend the second half of the week with one woman. So Kristen had to leave the farm. As Martina sits next to her with a slight smile on her lips, Kristen says goodbye with sweet words and promises: “We’ll keep in touch.”

Bauer is looking for a woman internationally: teamwork with Rüdiger in South Africa

Rüdiger and Martina’s romantic adventure can begin and the blonde reveals in an RTL interview in complete confusion: “Now I’m dead. As much as I’ve been beaten, I’m so happy! Crazy!” What’s in between.” “With Martina, we talk as if we met in a past life, somewhere. It’s just a flow,” Rudy enthuses.

Now I’m dead. And as much as I got hit, I’m so happy! Mad!

The Lady Waiting Martina in South Africa at “Bauer sucht Frau International”

The journey together as a married couple is ultimately a complete success for Rüdiger and the lady that Martina chose. On episode 6 of “Bauer sucht Frau International” in 2022, the two of them went for a boat ride together and spontaneously jumped into cold water together – side by side. “As if we were 25 years old,” Rudiger, and Martina joked, “You can’t just steal horses with Rudy, you can also hide him.” The fact that South Africa is on the right wavelength is especially evident here.

But it was not only Rudiger who made the initial decision. The agricultural farmer Justin of Alsace has also fallen deeply in love, and at the Rolinka winery in Alsace, Lourdes ran away, even Lord Frank has the farmer all to himself. One thing is for sure: There is great emotion again in Season 4 of “Bauer sucht Frau International”.


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