Exciting new Presto system launch at Apple Stores for wireless iPhone software updates – Bio Prep Watch

Apple is set to revolutionize the way customers experience their new iPhones with the introduction of a new system called “Presto within Apple” in its retail stores across the United States. This innovative system will allow Apple Store employees to wirelessly update iPhone software while the phone is still in the box using a pad-like device, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Gurman reveals that the rollout of this cutting-edge technology will begin in US stores in April, with plans to reach all US stores by early summer. The system, which has been in testing at select Apple Stores since the end of 2023, utilizes a unique pad-like device that can power on the iPhones, update their software, and power them back down, all while they remain in their boxes.

One of the biggest advantages of this new system is that it will eliminate the need for customers to immediately update their new iPhones after purchase. Currently, iPhones are shipped with the build of iOS available at that time, which means that some devices may be multiple updates behind when they reach customers. With the “Presto within Apple” system, customers can now enjoy the latest software updates right out of the box.

Gurman describes the system as a metal cubby for shoes that uses MagSafe and other wireless technologies to update iPhones without even having to open the packaging. This revolutionary approach will surely enhance the overall customer experience and make the process of getting a new iPhone even more seamless and convenient. Stay tuned for the exciting launch of this game-changing system at Apple Stores near you!

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