Even wolves sleep in the second trimester
The wolves had to surrender to the foxes / Photo: Mario Videl

The wolves had to surrender to the foxes / Photo: Mario Videl

Emotions for our Wolves fans: After a strong first third and a 2:2 average score, our Wolves called on Füchse to score goals in the second part of the game. Then our wolves arranged the last section at eye level again, but the guests did not allow butter to be removed from the bread.

Wolfe start the gut

Our wolves got off to a great start in the game. In the second minute of the match, it was Walters who scored the first goal for our Wolves after winning a confrontation from Celik, with a ray of the blue line. But it only took two minutes before the guests from Lausitz responded: Hanusch did not allow himself to be asked twice after our boys could not clear the goal from their third goal. After a concrete feud between Breitkreuz and Walters, in the subsequent majority of our wolves, Aquin and Thompson got the renewed lead for our colors on the bat, but ultimately had no luck. The guests did better in the 11th minute. Mäkitalo got a free ride, giving Weidekamp no chance to defend and making it 1:2. But less than two minutes later, Aquin was able to rebalance in the margin. Seconds before the end of the first section of the match, Weidekamp saved a powerful hand save against Mäkitano, who had broken out on his own.

Many individual mistakes will be punished

Lausitzer Füchse pressed from the start of the second part of the match, Weidekamp had a lot of work until the 27th minute of the match, but then had to get to the back when they were more when Breitkreuz finished a superb set making it 2:3. On the 30th then Thompson has Great chance to tie again. A little later, Weißwasser showed more accuracy when he set Rentsch 2:4. In the 37th minute, our Wolves made it too easy for the guests and Muller thanked him with a 2:5 score for the free pass he got.

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Wolves come to their senses

In the latter part of the match, the Selber Wolves regained their senses and showed a more focused performance and played again. As a result, Neumann scored 3:5 and made the goal past Hungerecker from a short distance. We have wolf pack as well as trailers
And drew the stands again hope for the volatility of the result again. But in the end, a debatable penalty kick against Boyarchynov five minutes from the end, which Weisswasser could then use to make it 3:6, was what led to Lausitzer Foucher’s decision.

Team lineups and stats

Selber Wölfe: Weidekamp (Ab 37. Min. Weninger) – Ondruschka, Silbermann, Slavetinsky, Ribnitzky, Walters,
Gemmell, Miner-Male, Jar, Diej, Aquin, Thompson, Boyarchinov, Ross, Gilke, Neumann, Boehringer,
Christman, Klugardt

Almond foxes: Hungerecker (Velm) – Kania, Kuschel, Hanusch, Baxmann, Reiner, Geibel, Raab – Rämö,
Mäkitalo, Ritter, Breitkreuz, Garlent, Quenneville, Döring, Reuss, Detig, Bednar, Rentsch, Müller

Ripped: 2. min. 1:0 Walters (Jilke); 4. Min. 1: 1 Hanush 11. min. 1:2 Mäkitano (Geibel, Rämö); 12. Min. 2: 2
Aquin (Miner, Thompson); 27. Min. 2:3 Breitkreuz (Quenneville, Hanusch; 5/4); 33. Minimum 2: 4 Rentsch
(Gibel); 37. Min. 2:5 Müller (Döring, Hanusch); 46. ​​Minimum. 3:5 Numan (Gilk, Ross); 56. Minimum. 3: 6 Queenville
(Pritcruz, Ramo; 5/4)

Strafzeiten: Selb 13; FaceWasser 11

Referee: Brill, Harrier (Kalnik, Sauershabvi)

Zoshawar: 1.341


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