Eurovision Song Contest: Ukraine wins in Turin on TV

A wish for peace at the start: The 66th Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) opened with a huge choir “Give Peace a Chance”, chanted in a square in downtown Turin and around 8,000 visitors at the Arena Palasport Olimpico. Of course, last year’s award winner Måneskin shouldn’t miss this evening; They made a guest appearance with their new song “Model”. but later. For the first time, Laura Bossini (known to us above all from the 1993 song “La solitudine”) was allowed to sing a variety.

As in the semi-finals, the Grammy-winning Italian stepped into the world’s biggest TV show, alongside pop star Mika (“Grace Kelly”) and TV presenter Alessandro Cattelan. At this point, the EBU (ESC organizer) already knew the winner of the expert rating from the jury (where Austrian Cesar Sampson was first with “Nobody But You”) in 2019 … and then returned to the bronze medal because of the TV.)

Because experts give their ratings in the previous evenings. In the so-called “Jury Shows: Simon (10th place in Zagreb in 1990 with “Keine Mauern mehr”, and since then hits as Wahre Liebe), bandleader and music producer Wolfgang Lindner, newcomer Tina Naderer, Austro-Islander and Voice Stunning Thorsteinn Einarsson (“Great Chance” on ORF, radio hits like “Kryptonite”) and Amadeus Award winner “Die Mayerin”, sponsored by ORF’s entertainment division but unknown to the public.

Surprise or not? The EBU already knows the rating of the five expert jurors (singers, music producers, professional journalists, etc.) from all 40 countries, who were given yesterday evening at rehearsal (officially: jury vote presentation) and sent to Turin. Like Austria, those countries eliminated in the semi-finals are also eligible to vote.

Ukraine and its popular rapper “Stefania” to the kallush orchestra’s diverse crew in the bookmaker’s shops follow British nominee Sam Ryder with his enchanting nickname “Spaceman”. The 32-year-old is the power of my voice!

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Swedish singer Cornelia Jacobs came in third with her sad emotional song “Hold Me Closer”. Fourth place for bookmakers is the Italian duo “Brividi” (English: shudder), fifth place is taken by Spain (more impressive Chanel choreography than composition) and sixth is the extraordinary contribution from Serbia (“In corpore sano”). If only ORF had hired a few dancers for DJ Lumix & Pia Maria, but they didn’t want to. Belgium, Lithuania and Germany advanced to the bottom in the final.

What a voice! Sam Ryder of Great Britain (“Space Man”)
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Despite everything, it will be exciting! The first two prime numbers brought a good mood to the hall. It started with an electric Czech voiced by the trio “We Are Domi”, followed by the Romanian WRS, who despite the choreography of “Llámame” (translation: Call me”) didn’t break a sweat. Or was it the perfect make-up? Final, you can even see beads of sweat performing the story songs.

Artist WRS sang and danced for Romania: club sound with ethnic elements, great choreography

Finland’s rock-and-roll swims in “The Rasmus,” the hit “In The Shadows” (long: 2003), on the heels of last year’s winners. Shirt included. The Swiss Marius Behr sang about the fact that men and boys are also allowed to show feelings; His song “Boys Do Cry” could have come from the “Merci” chocolate ad, as an amazing singer he is 100% convincing.

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Swedish singer Cornelia Jacobs sings “Hold Me Closer” barefoot and partially sitting on the floor
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France had once competed before with a song in the Breton language, at that time without modern alienation. and no luck (1996 with the group “Dan Alborz” and “Dewant Pugal”); It was only enough for 19th place. It will also be difficult in 2022, and not just because of the language.

Tongues of flames, fire and smoke in France: Breton Alphan and Ahiz Volyn’s nickname is “Volin”: “Spark”
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Spain also did not have to reach the semi-finals because it is one of the five largest contributors to the European Broadcasting Union, the umbrella organization for European broadcasters. “Less is more” was Spain’s slogan this year after the failures of recent years. The song “Woki mit deim Popo” sounded different here from that of the Austrian Trackshittaz in Baku. It was clear that the choreographer actually worked with Jennifer Lopez. The “Fuego” fire (second place from Cyprus before Cesar Sampson 2018 in Lisbon) cannot be lit, but a compliment to Chanel: dancing and singing well at the same time is the supreme discipline. It also sings the hopes of the Spanish ESC about how to manage men’s heads.

Konstrakta (real name Ana Đurić) from Serbia with her friends: sings critical lines in the local language
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With another steady start at the end, little show effects were needed, Italy relied on its sounds and feelings: all the fans in the hall sang along to almost every line of “Brividi” (Mahmoud and Blanco).

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Carpets have been laid on the stage floor by German actor Malik Harris (to create a relaxed atmosphere), and are surrounded by various instruments, some of which are played by themselves during “Rockstars”. In any case, the poor performance of our neighbors will not be due to Malik’s wonderful voice. . .

Konstrakta (real name Ana Đurić) from Serbia with her friends: sings critical lines in the local language
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Serbia highlights: avant-garde artist Kontracta sings about expensive health: “I don’t have health insurance.
Oh, how will you follow me (in the name of health) “is but one message from her extraordinary contribution to ESC.” What is the secret behind Meghan Markle’s healthy hair? What is the secret behind it? “…So begins Serbine’s song.

It wasn’t just the outfit that caught the eye: Australian Sheldon Riley is a great singer too
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Almost like an opera: Uchmann from Poland with “River”
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