Cas de variole du singe en Eure-et-Loir : "Chaque médecin est censé être en veille"

Are doctors in the Center Val-de-Loire familiar with recognizing the symptoms of this monkeypox?
Health authorities have not given us any specific information about this virus. On the other hand, every doctor is supposed to be under intellectual and professional supervision. I’m a radiologist, so this virus isn’t necessarily my specialty. However, I went to consult our professional websites for symptoms, diagnosis, etc. If I encounter this virus tomorrow, I think I will be able to diagnose it. However, we are not overwhelmed with information about it. Today, the authorities identify only one case in our area. I think we will have more.

A case of monkeypox was discovered in Eure-et-Loire and treated in Orleans

When you say other, do you mean contamination at the level of Covid-19?
Hello. I am not an infectious disease specialist, but what is certain is that the cases reported are coming from a certain environment at the moment.

Is this to say?
This seems to be affecting homosexual circles at the moment. You have to be careful with the results. I’m not saying it’s the new AIDS virus. Moreover, this disease does not appear to be fatal, except in immunocompromised people who have any serious infection or virus.

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Interview by Francois Vieux


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