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EU citizens in the UK are concerned after the UK government’s speech

EU citizens in the UK are concerned after the UK government’s speech

Update date: 08/21/2021 at 10:50 am

  • EU citizens living in the UK are concerned after a letter from the UK government.
  • In it, the government informs them that their rights in the country could be jeopardized.
  • From the organization’s point of view, the Million criticizes the message: “It does not correspond to the friendly expressions of the British government.”

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The UK Home Office has mailed a number of EU citizens legally residing in the UK that their rights in the country may be at risk.

In the letter, which was quoted by the organization on Twitter, it says: “You will no longer be able to work or use public services”, if the so-called (pre-)settlement is not relied upon. .

‘Not in keeping with the nice words of the British government’

However, this message has been sent to a number of people who have been enjoying this condition for a long time. The settlement program aims to ensure that EU citizens who lived in the country before Brexit have broadly the same rights as before leaving the EU.

What do EU citizens do? Great Britain “What is happening does not correspond to the friendly statements of the British government,” the organization’s founder, Mike Bohn, told the German news agency DPA.

If they did not queue up in long and limited telephone lines, then EU citizens called would feel the “total cruelty of the hostile immigration system”.

The Ministry of Interior must be held responsible for the inadequacy of data management and communication.

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Affected person says, ‘It’s really worrying’

41-year-old European Alice, who does not want to reveal her full name and nationality in public for fear of repercussions, has been living in Great Britain for eleven years.

She received one of the letters even though she and her three children have valid residency. When she read the letter, she almost had a panic attack, she told dpa. “It’s really worrying. I just don’t feel safe.”

Britain’s Home Office confirmed the letters had been mailed to people “who may still have to come forward”. A spokeswoman said holders of valid residency do not have to apply again. However, you must connect so that the database can be updated. (jwo/dpa)
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