So far there have been allegations only in the course of the research by StAnw Oldenburg, and now it’s sad: the Deutsche Lichtmiete closed on December 30. filed for bankruptcy.

At least that’s what board member Alexander Hahn has. Advertise in a letter to employees (those: Handelsblatt). The board of directors of Deutsche Lichtmiete (DLM) complained that the Prosecutor’s Office at the beginning of December All accounts are banned Resulting in the company’s paralysis – and thus insolvency.

StAnw . accusation It is known that a joint fraud is suspected, unknown to date. The investor model is not sustainable In addition, it is not suitable to meet the demands of many investors, especially their small ones. The less beautiful technical term in this profession is “hierarchical scheme” in this context – But of course StAnw will first have to prove it.

the Handelsblatt He cites investor funds pending around €200 million, and only BondGuide knows it Four bonds with a total volume of about 140 million euros. This amount is also named by There may also be profit sharing certificates or other investment vehicles.

The important points must now be clarified Including who and how it represents the interests of investors. Moreover, the prosecutor’s office must verify and prove whether the DLM is a pyramid scheme. In addition, the audit firm FTSP Frisia-Treuhand is required to ask questions, As is currently the case in the aftermath of Wirecard’s bankruptcy.

There must be a problem if the four unnamed names are proven to be fraudulent – Then insurance companies do not interfere. It would be better to take responsibility if the DLM was only about unfavorable corporate governance, but not fraud.

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Photos: Deutsche Lichtmiete


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