Emmanuel Macron disappointed the French

eIt’s lunchtime, and Radio Bleu is broadcasting “My France,” a program that sees itself as a daily citizens’ conference. Phones are hot because of Emmanuel Macron He sits in a Paris studio and wants to exchange ideas with citizens from all over the country, to which he rarely travels as an electoral activist. “The boss, our boss, is not there for us,” says Yvonne, who introduces herself as a nurse from the small town of Comune-sur-Durance in Provence. crackle font. You understand that he has a lot of work, but “I have a president who does not understand my life. And the democratic debate does not happen.”

She films the President’s camera against the blue studio wall, looks panicked and then says into the microphone, “I’ve made an effort to be present in the country for the past five years.” He recorded a recording of his YouTube series called “Emmanuel Macron, le Candidat”. In the episodes, which are filmed like the Netflix series, Macron talks off-screen with a reporter about what’s on his mind. For example iPhone. You really hit him, says Macron. It hurts him, but he did a lot for his countrymen. It then lists what has changed for nurses and in general in the health care system.

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