'Embarrassed or Criticized XL': Angry Viewers - 'Really Bad'

‘Embarrass or Collect XL’: Viewers are upset – ‘Animal goes on biscuit’

06/22/2022 at 10:35 PM

TV Total: This is how Stefan Raab made the show a fan favorite

TV Total: This is how Stefan Raab made the show a fan favorite

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Premiere at ProSieben! And on Wednesday evening, Elton presented his new program “”Blame it or collect XLThe concept of the show is based on the cult game of the same name from “Total TV”.

Loyal ProSieben viewers have been looking forward to a longer version of the guessing game, but that doesn’t seem to convince the audience. There are two critical factors that are the causeBlame it or collect XLFail with ‘TV total’ fans.

‘Blame or collect XL’: Elton features a strange choice of words

The first saboteur appeared at the beginning of the show. In the movie Blamieren oder Kassieren XL, celebrities and viewers from the studio competed for a prize money of €10,000. While Elton has always referred to one group of nominees as “celebs,” the nominees have called onlookers “real people.”

A note that made many viewers roll their eyes in front of their home screens. “Please think of another name for the audience participants. The “real” people seem kind of goofy. The celebrity then “fake”? Someone complained on Instagram.

Twitter also complained about the phrase “real people”. “Who gets so upset by the phrase ‘real people’?” asked a man around the corner. But the Twitter community had other concerns.

‘Embarrassment or making too much money’: Viewers are angry – ‘This is how you make fun of it’

Similar to ProSieben’s hit “The Masked Singer”, there will also be plenty of commercial breaks in “Blamieren oder Kassieren XL”. One viewer said: “Publicity, advertising, advertising … this is how you make fun of yourself.” Another agreed: “I think commercials can come between tours and not indoors.” And they weren’t alone in thinking about it.

Another user noted that “ad cuts are really bad”. Others complained that the constant interruptions made the show seem too slow and boring. Embarrassment or cashing was considered the absolute favorite of viewers, and therefore it was also incorporated as a game in “Schlag den Star”.


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