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EM 2021: Spanish fans stunned! Crazy scenes keep Poland in contests

EM 2021: Incredible action puts Poland in contention against Spain – fans could not believe it

These are the eleven EM arenas

These are the eleven EM arenas

The 2021 European Championship will be held in eleven different countries and eleven different cities. We will introduce you everywhere.

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What a crazy game in between Spain and Poland. There were many weird moments on Saturday evening between the ball attachment of “Furia Rocha”.

After balancing Poland Was Spaniard Better opportunities to regain leadership. But the former world and European champion has lost himself – and the team revolves around world footballer Robert Lewandowski In 2021.

EM 2021: Poland celebrates and escapes shock for a moment

It seemed like a long time since the Spaniards had their first win in this tournament, which, with their style of play, was unattractive to many spectators. Alvaro Morata led the team in the first half.

But then Lewandowski attacked. The Bayern star’s head sank into the eye with the tailor’s side. Preface to a wild phase of the game. Within two minutes, referee Daniel Orzado fined Spain after a serious video review.

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Gerard Moreno took care of the matter – and smashed the ball into the post. Even worse for Spain: from there the ball bounced back to Morata, who was alone in front of Wojciech Szczecin lying on the ground.

However, Joe Striker’s nerves failed and he crossed the goal. On top of that. Ten minutes before the end, the voting of the poles was completely wrong. Szczesny, who was blocked by his own central defender, crossed the ball early.


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Ferran Torres almost scored and knocked the German neighbor out of the tournament. After a while it is Morata again, whose end can be combined with much need.

EM 2021: Fans optimistic about interest opportunities

Viewers in front of the TV watched in disbelief as Spain gave up chances in this European Championship match. The reactions between the gallows comedy and the complete turmoil were volatile. We have collected some ideas for you:

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  • “What Spain can’t do for goals is incredible.”
  • “How many opportunities can you give? Spain: Yes! “
  • “Spain is just as accurate as Schalke 0’s attack.”
  • “Aha, what opportunities the Spaniards are throwing today!”
  • “Hey honestly how, how, WIEEEEEE ????”
  • “Spain, what on earth is wrong with you?”


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