Elementary Academy Student Confirmed to Have Measles, CPS Reports

Chicago Public Schools is actively responding to a confirmed case of measles at Cooper Dual Language Elementary Academy. The student, who has been diagnosed with the highly contagious virus, has brought the city its first case of measles in five years.

In collaboration with the Chicago Department of Public Health, CPS is working to identify unvaccinated students and any other reported cases involving CPS students. The school district is taking measures to provide resources, support, and information to ensure the safety of staff and families.

Standard communication protocols are being followed with Cooper Dual Language Elementary Academy families and staff. Meanwhile, a child at an asylum seekers shelter in Chicago has tested positive for measles, with a second child also reported to have the virus. The Lower West Side shelter has been placed on a 21-day quarantine as a precaution.

In response to these cases, the city is launching a widespread vaccination outreach effort, which includes educating asylum seekers on the importance of vaccination. The measles vaccine is among the state requirements for students, unless an exemption is submitted.

Families in need of assistance can call the Healthy CPS Hotline at 773-553-KIDS for help enrolling in health insurance or finding medical care. The city of Chicago is taking proactive steps to address the recent measles cases and ensure the health and well-being of its residents.

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