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Edge now supports Discord, keyboards, and more


Microsoft has announced a number of improvements to the Edge browser that will soon be available to gamers on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The update will be rolled out gradually to all owners over the next few days. Among other things, Edge will be running the version of Chromium that was released for Windows 10 last year. In addition, the browser can now be operated with a mouse and keyboard.

This opens up more possibilities for Xbox players. For example, the web-based version of Discord can now be used through consoles. Various Office programs such as Word and Excel can now be easily accessed. Another benefit of Chromium is that it supports existing cloud gaming services. You can now start Google Stadia or Nvidia GeForce right from your Xbox console. Just a few days ago, it was possible to stream games via Xbox Cloud Gaming via the Xbox app on Windows 10.

In addition to the update for Microsoft Edge, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to the “Play Later” functionality. Here, players can create a list of all the titles they still want to try. In addition, the tab now shows you personalized recommendations for games.

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