Edeka launches branded products out of range - customers get angry

Edeka takes the famous brand products out of its range – the first customers react angrily

Edica: The Success Story of a Supermarket Chain

Edica: The Success Story of a Supermarket Chain

Edeka Group is the largest supermarket chain in Germany. Edeka AG & Co. was founded. KG was founded in Leipzig in 1907. Today it is headquartered in Hamburg.

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Edeka takes action, and some of the customers are shocked: they quickly get caught edica Many famous brands from the group.

This is bad news, especially for soda lovers: Pepsi, Lipton Iced Tea or Schwab Schwab will not be available soon. edica. The supermarket chain has acquired parent company Pepsi.

Edica: Quarrel leads to his expulsion

The reason for Pepsi’s dismissal was the feud between Edeka and the beverage maker. Edica has requested better rates and terms. PepsiCo said the company was rejected and thrown out of range “Food newspaper”.


This is Edica:

  • Edeka was founded in Leipzig in 1907
  • edica means eCooperative purchase Dris being KGrocer
  • Edeka is headquartered in Hamburg
  • Turnover: 61 billion euros (2020)
  • 402,000 people employed in EDICA (as of 2020)


The fact that Edica dared to take this step is due to the fact that the supermarket chain is not alone. Edeka has allied itself with other chains, such as Migros (Switzerland), Ica (Sweden), Magnit (Russia) or the Picnic delivery service. Together they want to negotiate better prices.

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Edica: Shocked clients after they were fired

No sooner had the news been made public than the first clients came. The reactions were mixed. One customer, for example, was stunned on Facebook.

One Twitter user wrote: “There will be no more Pepsi soon – you won’t be going there either.” There are others of the same opinion and may be avoiding Edeka for now. Others are more relaxed about it.


More Edica news:


Edica: Pepsi is not the first brand to fly

Edeka often created famous brands. Recently, bottles of Granini juice have disappeared from shelves for similar reasons. Edeka is also fighting over better prices with L’Oreal and Melitta.

You can read more about Edica’s disputes with Granini and Co. here. >>>


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