Echo Show 8 Photos Edition Transforms Your Smart Display into a Digital Photo Frame

Amazon Launches Echo Show 8 Photos Edition, Offering Enhanced Photo Display

Amazon has unveiled the Echo Show 8 Photos Edition, a smart display that also functions as a digital photo frame. This new edition comes at a slightly higher price than the standard version, retailing at $159.99.

What sets the Photos Edition apart is its ability to prioritize personal photos as the primary content on the home screen. With this feature, users can showcase their cherished memories and photos on a constant slideshow rotation. This personalized touch adds a unique and sentimental element to the user experience.

To further enhance the photo display capabilities, the Photos Edition includes a six-month subscription to Amazon’s brand-new PhotosPlus service. This service enables an enhanced photo mode, allowing for a 30-second slideshow rotation speed. Users can revel in the constant display of their personal moments and immerse themselves in fond memories.

With the purchase of the Echo Show 8 Photos Edition, users are granted 25 GB of photo and video storage from Amazon Photos. Prime members receive even more benefits, as they gain access to unlimited photo storage and 5 GB of video storage as part of their membership package.

It is important to note that after the initial six months, a subscription fee of $1.99 per month is required to continue using the Photo Mode feature. However, this small fee seems reasonable considering the enhanced experience it offers.

Amazon spokesperson, Courtney Ramirez, confirmed that the screen will primarily display the Photo Mode indefinitely, with clock and weather information subtly appearing in the background. Alexa, the voice assistant powering the Echo Show, may occasionally provide content suggestions based on user interests. However, the main focus remains on personal photos and memories.

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This release by Amazon draws parallels with its ad-free Kindle, aiming to provide a more streamlined and personalized experience for users. Unlike other digital photo frames, some of which require payment for extra features, Amazon’s Echo Show 8 Photos Edition delivers a comprehensive package without any additional costs.

Considering the growing popularity and functionality of the Echo Show, this new edition is likely to attract individuals seeking a more immersive photo display experience while eliminating rotating homescreen advertisements. The Photos Edition offers a seamless blend of technology and personalization, empowering users to relive their precious memories.


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