EC Bad Nauheim: Three points and bitter news

EC Bad Nauheim: Three points and bitter news
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EC Bad Nauheim celebrates its third straight win on Thursday. Before the 3-2 win at Lausitz, there was bad news as well: the season ended prematurely for the striker.

Participation in the quarter-finals of the German Ice Hockey League 2 has been locked since Tuesday. Now, it is up to EC Bad Nauheim to advocate for home rights. The Red Devils on Thursday celebrated their third win in a row, defeating the Lausitzer Foxes 3-2 (1-0, 2-1, 0-1) in front of 1,067 spectators in Weißwasser. Jordan Hickmott, Jerry Polastron (all in the power game) and Stefan Reiter scored the goals.

There was bitter news ahead of the game: the season ended prematurely for Christoph Koerner, who has been out since last weekend. According to a press release, the striker will have to undergo surgery. For a short time, Mick Koller (the patient) joined the long list of missing persons. Meanwhile, Hugo Boisvert was in charge of the gang, because coach Harry Lange was also unable to travel to Weißwasser due to illness. He rode former pro Alexander Bohm as an assistant coach.

“I am very happy and very proud. The understaffed squads and their numbers decided the match,” summed Boisevert, who started with the familiar crew at unit positions. Joel Messner is expected to make his debut on Saturday in the final round at home against Freiburg.

Bad Nauheim has done well for the six points from the last two games. Despite the 535-kilometre journey, the Red Devils presented themselves as new and eager to run, causing disruption early on. Hunter Garlint and Clark Bretcruz, among others, missed out on the home team this time around, and there was also a lack of support from DEL partner Isberen Berlin in the goalkeeper position, with young Nils Film making his sixth appearance at DEL 2.

In the early stages, the Foxes were under a lot of pressure and Bad Neuheim’s opening goal was well deserved. Stefan Reiter successfully completed a counterattack (the ninth). A 72-second double handicap, which she survived surprisingly effortlessly, gave her self-confidence. The first half saw Eric Valentin and Tony Ritter the best scenes from Weisswasraner, who failed in Philip Maurer’s goal in the visitors’ goal.

At the start of the second half, Jordan Hickmott made it 2-0 (22) after a solid mix of play. Bad Nauheim knew how to keep the hosts constantly occupied and always seemed a bit ahead mentally and physically. The connection by Richie Mueller was more than flawed. Especially at the end of the section, the obvious possibilities increased. First Andre Pierce, then Kevin Schmidt, missed twice, and finally Jerry Polastron scored twice to make it 3-1.

Tony Ritter brought home the hosts ten minutes before the end – Bad Nauheim was very passive at this point – but in the end the guests defended their lead with full confidence with a solid Maurer.

Almond Foxes: Film – Bednar, Carson, Hanush, Kania, Wasser, Schnitzer, Rap – Queenville, Macitallo, Rosme, Stober, Valentine, Muller, Ritter, Detig, Gregel, Doering, Robin Drothen, Marvin Drothen.

EC Bad Nauheim: Maurer-Seck, Stefan, Kevin Schmidt, Hafnrichter, Thomas Schmidt, Ketter, Dobrisken-Keck, Voss, Worley, Polastron, Heckmott, Pierce, Hermann, Mr., Reiter, Leon Koller, Van Kallster.

Brief / goals: 0: 1 (9), Reiter (Hermann), 0: 2 (22) Heckmut (Mr., Win – PP1), 1: 2 (24) Müller (Pednar, Valentine), 1:3 (Forty) Polastron (Kevin Schmidt, Keck – PP2), 2:3 (50) nite (Grigel). Referee: Becker/Steinke. Penalties: Lausitz 8, Bad Neuheim 6. – Spectators: 1067.


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