Earthquake in Zollernalp district: Earth shakes near Albstadt – Albstadt and the surrounding area

The ground in the Zollernalp region trembled. Photo: Oliver Berg/Dr

Once again a minor earthquake occurred in the Zollernalp area. This time the bisht was affected.

Albashtat – There was a slight earthquake on Christmas Eve at 20:26 near Albashtat. affiliate State Seismic Service of the Southwest (LED) reports a magnitude 2.5 earthquake.

The LED classifies the earthquake as a weak earthquake. It was also felt in Balingen and Bisingen, among others.

The last time the earth shook in the Zollernalb area was on November 29, 2022 (1.1), a good month ago, On 16 October near Jungingen, but also significantly stronger. The size was given by LED at the time as 3.9. jerk The power was 4.1 in Hechingen Reported July 9, 2022.

Earthquake in the Zollernalb region It is not uncommon, in 2022 there were approximately 100 pieces. The mowing area is most often affected by the Albstadt, which extends from the Swiss canton of Glarus to Stuttgart.

There, the rocks are moving north at different speeds, so that the two rocks intertwine. Tensions are released again due to earthquakes.

How exactly were the earthquakes in the Zollernalb area Martin Hinch of the State Seismological Service In Freiburg for our editorial team in an interview. The seismologist also explains why a powerful earthquake like the one in 1978 is likely to occur at some point.


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