Elektroautos werden Aufgeladen
Electric cars are charged
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Karlsruhe Insider: an apartment complex in Tam is an experience.

In Baden-Württemberg and in many other parts of Germany, more and more electric cars are gradually invading the streets. This also increases the overall demand for electricity.

A large number of motorists bought the new driving technology last year. The boom in electric cars means that the number of buyers has almost tripled. For e-cars to continue to proliferate, other conditions must be created.

Several charging stations are required for this, and the power grid should not be overloaded. In a perfect community in the Ludwigsburg region, everyone involved has now decided to conduct an experiment.

Residents of the Pura Vida apartment complex received 45 electric cars for 16 months. To this end, Netze BW has introduced 58 charging points in its underground car park to make space for 85 electric cars.

At critical times, no more than 13 charging points were simultaneously occupied, which means that a total of 98 kW of electricity was required. At first, more cars came to charging stations, but now everything is working fine.

Charging management ensured that there was no overload on the power grid. If all 85 spaces are occupied at the same time, you will need a transformer station the size of one garage.

So far the experience has been positive.

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