DWD raises red alert for Munich and surrounding areas

DWD raises red alert for Munich and surrounding areas
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On Friday, Bavaria’s weather showed itself from both sides. The north faces the sun and cloudless sky. In the south it reached exactly the cracks.

Updated May 4, 4:13 pm: The storms have passed in southern Bavaria. The sun has already made its way through the clouds in many places. With a temperature of 20 degrees, Friday afternoon will be very pleasant. Tastes good on the weekends. Because the sun shines brightly on both Saturday and Sunday. The heat is increasing every day. Sunday’s highs will be 24 to 26 in the northern part of Bavaria. It is located in the south. In Munich, the state capital, the temperature rises to 24 degrees. Chance of a thunderstorm on Monday.

Updated May 11, 11:48 am: Munich is now on red alert! The DWD has issued an official severe weather warning for heavy thunderstorms and hail. It says: “Local thunderstorms are coming from the west. Heavy rain with speeds of 25 L / m and 40 L / m per hour and winds up to about 70 km / h (20 m / s, 38 km, PFT8) and small-grain hail. “

Red Alert in Bavaria: Severe thunderstorm warning and heavy rain and hail

  • District and city of Munich
  • Greece Isaac-Friedberg
  • Fürstenfeldbruck District
  • Greece Stornberg
  • Dachau District
  • Freezing District
  • Erding District
  • Greece Ebersberg
  • Rosenheim district and city
  • Mühldorf am Inn District

This warning is valid until 1:30 p.m.

Warning card
Official Severe Weather Warning for Heavy Thunderstorms and Hail © Screenshot DWD

Updated May 13, 11:35 am: Weather warnings for heavy thunderstorms (see previous update) extended to 1:30 pm including Munich. However, in the state capital, there is no longer a heavy rain warning. This warning now applies to Rosenheim County and the city, Traunstein, Altötting, Mühldorf am Inn, Rottal-Inn, Dingolfing-Landau, Kelheim, Starnberg, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, Donau-Ries and Ostallgäs districts. This also applies to the districts / cities of Landshut and Augsburg and Memmingen

Storm cell on Bavaria: Official weather warning for Munich and surrounding area

Updated May 10, 10:50 am: Official weather warning for thundershowers in some parts of Bavaria. It is valid until 12 noon. It says: “Personal thunderstorms approach from the west. Winds up to 70 km / h (20 m / s, 38 km / h, PFT8) as well as precipitation of up to 25 l / m and small-grain hail.

Heavy Thunderstorms in Bavaria: These Districts Are Affected by DWD Warning

  • District and city of Munich
  • Greece Ebersberg
  • Erding District
  • Freezing District
  • Pfaffenhofen and der Ilm district
  • Dachau District
  • Fürstenfeldbruck District
  • Greece Landsberg
  • Greece Isaac-Friedberg
  • Augsburg district and city
  • Tillington District
  • Guenzburg District
  • New-Ulm District
  • Unterallgaeu District

Bavaria weather warning: DWD warns of heavy rain in Munich

Some districts – including Munich and Erding – also have heavy rain warnings. Possibility of 25 liters per square meter.

DWD warning card
There is an official warning for heavy thunderstorms. © Screenshot DWD

Updated May 9, 9:05 p.m.: DWD Warning Map for Bavaria is currently completely green, meaning: No alerts.

Updated May 7, 7:33 AM: Munich and the surrounding areas are green again. Extreme levels of thunderstorms are expected in Freyung-Grafenau, Regen, Cham, Straubing-Bogen and Straubing cities (until 8.30am).

Updated May 6, 6:20 p.m. The German Meteorological Agency is currently warning of heavy thundershowers in some parts of Bavaria. Munich, Erding, Freising, but Ansbach, Günzburg and Neu-Ulm are affected. This warning first applies until 7:30 p.m. It said, “It is raining with thunder. Heavy rain with about 15 L / m2 and winds of up to 60 km / h (17 m / s, 33 km / h, PFT7). “

Heavy Thunderstorm Over the Weekend: Bayern Card Split – DWD Warning

May 13, 6 a.m. Report: Munich – Bavaria’s first summer week 2022 is in the books. Plenty of sunlight was the target in many parts of the independent state. Also the weekend will be hot and sunny. Already feeling the chaotic summer in May? Absolutely not. Friday plays a predatory game. But things are not uncomfortable everywhere in Bavaria.

Bavaria Weather: Thundershowers and storms south of the Danube

Already on Thursday evening, May 12, the first thunderstorm moved across the Free State. However, these were mostly limited to areas around Swabia and Ingolstadt. Here, the German Meteorological Service (DWD) warned of strong winds of 75 km / h and heavy thundershowers of about 20 liters per square meter. That too cheered from time to time. The northern part was saved from the storm.

On Friday, there will be north and south divisions as far as the weather is concerned. Although the Franconians and Upper Palatinate areas can enjoy cloudless skies with lots of sunlight, in the south it looks awkward. Rainfall is likely from Oxburg to Pashaw and in the direction of the Alps. “From noon onwards, there will be frequent thunderstorms, especially in the Alps and southern foothills,” the DWD warns. Overall the temperature in the north will be 22 to 23 degrees. South of the Danube, the values ​​on the thermometer in the rainy foothills of the Alps climb below 20 degrees. Things are no different in the state capital Munich.

Friday Temperatures in Bavaria (Source: wetteronline.de):

  • Worcestershire: 22 degrees
  • Yard: 20 degrees
  • Bamberg: 22 Grad
  • Nuremberg: 23 degrees
  • Regensburg: 23 grade
  • Bus: 24 degrees
  • Landslide: 23 degrees
  • Augsburg: 22 grade
  • Munich: 20 degrees
  • Kempton: 20 degrees
  • Berchtesgaden: 19 degrees

Bavaria Weather: Sunny Weekend Forecast

Saturday begins dry and sunny in many places. Showers and thundershowers from noon only in the vicinity of the Alps. The values ​​rise again and level at 21 to 27 degrees. Early summer weather does not change until Monday. Only the first thunderstorm during the day will move westward in the direction of Freestod. (Phone)


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