Due to a serious illness: Bruce Willis ended his acting career

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis has ended his acting career due to ill health. This was stated by his family. He suffers from speech disorder aphasia.

This news from Hollywood comes as a surprise: “Die Heart” fame Bruce Willis is retiring from acting. The 67-year-old actor’s eldest daughter Rumor-Willis announced the news on her Instagram profile. His sister Scout, as well as Willis’ wife Emma Heming-Willis and his ex-wife Demi Moore shared the news.

Below the actor’s picture, family members wrote: “To Bruce Willis’ wonderful supporters: As a family, we would like to announce that our beloved Bruce has health problems and was recently diagnosed with aphasia affecting his cognitive abilities.

Aphasia is a language disorder. It can be caused by an injury, i.e. damage to the brain. Aphasia can occur as a result of various illnesses such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral hemorrhage or tumors. The cause of Willis’ illness is not yet known.

“This is a challenging time for our family”

The statement said, “This is a really challenging time for our family. We truly appreciate your love, kindness and support. We will receive this as a strong family and want to share it with his fans because we know what they mean. Him.”

The post was signed by Willis’ wife Emma Heming-Willis, his ex-partner Demi Moore and children who were in a relationship with Moore, Rumor, Scout and Tallula. Willis has two children with his current wife, Mabel, and Evelyn. The actor, who became a world star with films like “The Sixth Sense”, “The Fifth Element” or “Armageddon”, can therefore count on the support of his family.


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