Internet, phone vulnerability

Trouble on Vodafone landline network

Cause “Error on central network element”

Vodafone, an internet provider, has been battling disruptions across Germany since midnight on a stable network.

Nearly 30,000 Vodafone customers have reported problems with their internet connection and phone on the “alle” portal. The first crashes were reported at 11:30 a.m., and the first users reported that their connections were reactivated from 1 p.m.

Especially in cities like Berlin, Frankfurt / Maine, Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg, there are now more reports of mistakes.

The provider’s customer hotline is also currently non-existent.

Cause “Error on central network element”

When asked by BILD, a Vodafone spokesperson said: “At least six-digit customers have not been able to browse the Internet since 11.45am or make regular calls and make landline calls. This is due to an error in the central network components that control Internet traffic on the cable network. Our technicians are working to eliminate the error. We ask the affected cable customers to be patient and apologize for the temporary inconvenience.


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