Discovering a New Mechanism of Brain Aging – The Healing Practice

Discovering a New Mechanism of Brain Aging – The Healing Practice

Brain: Anti-inflammatory lipids decrease with age

An American research institute has a new class of anti-inflammatory molecules I brain detected, which decreases with age. finder Fats You can find new ways to treat Neurological diseases Open, its risks are associated with old age.

searching Salk Institute and the University of California at San Diego I found fat labeled SGDGs It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain. there inflammatory processes Being the basis for many neurodegenerative diseases, newly discovered molecules can play an important role in the development of neurodegenerative diseases. The results were recently published in the famous journal “chemical nature biology” Gifts.

Aging is a complex process

It is very complicated to keep track of the exact processes that lead to a file aging from the body. ignitionAnd the Stress And the metabolic changes are some of the factors that determine how quickly we age.

Discover a new factor in brain aging

Now, the US Working Group has been able to uncover another factor specifically linked to brain aging Connected. It is a class of fat known as 3-Sulfogalactosyl-Diacylglycerin or abbreviated as SGDGs.

SGDG protects the brain from inflammation

Apparently, fats protect the brain from infections. Since the proportion of SGDGs decreases with age, this may lead to an increased risk of neurodegenerative diseases typical of aging such as mental illness upload.

Fat plays an important role in aging.

According to the researchers, the results will help The basics of brain aging To understand and demonstrate new ways of how neurodegenerative diseases counteract aging.

“It is clear that these SGDGs play an important role in aging, and this finding raises the possibility that there are other pathways to aging that we previously neglected.”The study author confirms Professor Alan Sagatilian.

It was already known that lipids, that is, fats, contribute to the structure, development and function of healthy brains. At the same time, poorly regulated fats are associated with aging and diseased brains.

Three new insights into brain aging

The exact functions of lipids in the brain are not well understood. So far, they have hardly been associated with old age. Scientists have now been able to use the brains of mice Three important discoveries Manufacture:

  1. Brain lipid levels in older mice differ markedly from those in younger mice.
  2. The appearance of all SGDG class molecules changes with age.
  3. SGDG is regulated by processes previously associated with aging.

Fall into oblivion

“SGDGs were first identified in the 1970s, but there have been few follow-up studies”Comments Study first author Dan Tan. According to him, they have since fallen into oblivion. Only the latest technology has made further research into lipids possible. (FP)

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