Dieter, Harald Glockler's husband, comments on his move

Talking Dieter Schroth (73). After jungle camp ended a few weeks ago, Harald Glockler, 56, made headlines: The designer moved in without a husband. Dieter. Rumors spread that the relationship between the two was about to end. However, the fashion designer denied the separation. well crossed Dieter Schroth He stressed that between him and Harald All is well.

In an interview with picture The businessman spoke about how he feels about his husband’s departure. “There can be no doubt about that Harald He left me alone and I think it is absurd to justify himself here to do his work, for he is a man in his prime.”The 73-year-old explained. excerpt from jungle campTherefore, the participant is of a purely professional nature. The couple still love each other.

betrayal too DieterHow is he coping since a loved one moved? He said in the woods HaraldThat his wife could hardly take care of himself due to various diseases. “We already have it before jungle camp I’ve taken precautions to take good care of me”The trained industrial writer said. Since then, his two daughters have been taking care of him.

Diether Schroth and Harald Glockler
Dieter Schroth and Harald Glockler, 2015
Diether Schroth and Harald Glockler
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