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DFB file: VfL Wolfsburg continues – no? | NDR.de – Game

DFB file: VfL Wolfsburg continues – no?  |  NDR.de – Game

Status: 08.08.2021 10:42 pm

VfL Wolfsburg won the DFB Cup on Sunday with 3: 1 (0: 0, 1: 1) in extra time against regional league team Brusen Munster. Nevertheless, Lower Saxony is threatening the outcome – due to a mistake.

By Johannes Friedac

Coach Mark Von Pommel has already made three substitutes at regular times and three at extra time. However, DFB laws do not allow it, and Admir Mehmati should not have come to Maximilian Philippe in the 103rd minute. According to the “kicker”, Wolfsburg Bank asked a fourth official if another change was allowed – apparently no brakes. Referee Christian Tinkert noted an alternative error in the match report.

However, Brusen Munster has not yet objected to the game’s rating. A club spokesman said Sunday evening that they would like to have a quiet discussion on how to proceed on Monday.

Wekorst and Baku meet late

Wolfsburg won the game basically. Volt Vecorst (103rd) and Riddle Baku (120th + 1) were the goalscorers for the Champions League opener, who looked like they had lost just before regular time. Until then, a 1-0 lead from Marcel Hoffmeier in the 74th minute was forced into extra time by Josep Brekelo (90th + 1). Munster could have scored in extra time, but youngster Denise Pindemann failed due to VFL keeper Goen Castiles (100th). Wolfsburg were the best team throughout the game, but could not convert a large number of chances into goals.

Coach Mark von Pommel from Bundesliga Club VfL Wolfsburg

Audio: Wolfsburg coach Van Pommel: “It’s not fluent yet” (3 min)

Getting into the VFL game is hard

Wolfsburg started with newcomer Lucas Enmecha in the starting lineup, with Olympic driver Maximilian Arnold initially sitting alone on the bench. From there, the 27-year-old learned how his team was initially attacked by the regional league team and then came under repeated pressure in defense. From anywhere, Wolfsburg took the lead: after a corner kick, Vecorst led the long post completely free, but kept the ball a few meters away from the goal (17th).

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But little by little, the “wolves” entered the game and created a playful excess weight. The Bundesliga club had more chances to score: 1-0 before half-time whistle, Nmecha lost to Prussian goalkeeper Maximilian Schulz Niehos, but neither Vekorst nor Renato Stephen returned to the net (45 + 1).

Wolfsburg Wholesale Opportunities …

The second round started with several chances to score. First Munster’s Nikolai Remberg crossed the VfL house (46th) and then lost to the opposite side of Wekorst Schulz Niehos (47th). Bakuin Heber (54th) and John Anthony Brooks (56th) also missed the title.

After the fury began, the action on the lawn was quiet again. The VfL Wolfsburg had control of the game, but acted very accurately for most of the last three, so a defensive foot came in between from Munster. Baku (68th) and Josip Brocalo (70th) missed a long late start goal for Lower Saxony.

… but Munster wins

So it came as it should. Suddenly the home side smelled a little wind and scored 1-0 in a corner. Powered by 7,000 spectators at the Prussian Stadium, the regional league team threw themselves into every fight and cheered frantically on every ball win. The cup feeling was achievable because the guests could not reach the goal of the ball – Maximilian Philippe failed twice (82nd, 85th).

First match day, 08.08.2021 3:30 pm

In advance


VfL Wolfsburg



In advance:
Schulz Neighbors – Schwartz, Sherter, Hoffmeier, Thiel – Dau Bay (95th fabric) – Remberg, Swatorf (60th J. Holdby) – Langlitz, Tolkien (68th Weckmomb), Ditters (59th Declab / 91st Pindemon)

VfL Wolfsburg:
Castiles – r. Baku, Lacroix (102nd Barnaw), Brooks, Roosevelt (98th Gerhard) – Guillauagi (60th Arnold), X. Schleiger – Stephen (46th Bregolo), Philip (103rd Mehmati), Enmacha (61. M. Babu) We


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