Deutsche Bank creates massive new IT jobs in India

Deutsche Bank creates massive new IT jobs in India

DrDeutsche Bank is significantly expanding its IT capabilities in India. Germany’s largest bank wants to hire 2,500 new employees at its two technology centers in the Indian subcontinent in Bangalore and Bonn this year. This was announced by Bernd Lockert, Chief Technology Officer, during a field visit. Deutsche Bank currently employs around 5,000 IT professionals in India. A spokesperson for the institute said in response to a question that it is also about filling vacancies. The number of employees in Bangalore and Pune is not exactly increasing by 50 percent, but it is growing significantly. Leukert, who switched from the SAP software suite to Deutsche Bank in 2019, is following a strategy of retaining as much of the institute’s IT capabilities as possible. Wants to prevent dependency on external service providers.

Unlike other European and American banks, Deutsche Bank uses its employees in India less for support tasks and more for programming software used in all areas of the company. A program for company bank payment transactions was recently developed by German bankers in India. The spokesperson explained that they also work in other parts of the big bank, such as the investment bank. Deutsche Bank maintains various technology centers spread all over the world, India is by far the largest. Other locations are Bucharest and Cary in the United States. The bank recently opened a new technology center with 1,000 employees in Berlin. Many employees from the Russian capital also moved there. Before Russia attacked Ukraine, Moscow was an important technology outpost for Deutsche Bank. The future of the center in Moscow has not yet been decided.


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