Despite the numbers: FCK beat Charbrooken in emotional derby – Football

Despite the numbers: FCK beat Charbrooken in emotional derby – Football

On the 34th match day of Division 3, 1. FC Kaiserslautern beat 1. FC Saarbrücken 3: 1 (1: 0). Hanslick initially highlighted his team. However, from the 45th minute, the Lotters had to play in greater numbers. In the meantime after the equalizer, Boyd and Redonto clarified everything.

With impressive dancing, FCK fans made it clear before the game what everyone involved in the Char-Baldinate Derby could expect: pure goosebumps and plenty of emotions in front of nearly 47,0000 spectators in Betsenberg – the second largest crowd ever. In the third division game. About 5,000 of them were FCS fans traveling with them and triggered a small break in the game due to a fire at the start of the game.

Then the teams can finally focus on the game. After all, there was a lot of danger for both teams. After beating the Brownshweek Lottery by winning the previous day, the Antwerp team needed at least one draw to return for a second and direct promotion. Charbrooken wanted to retain the last small chance of promotion with a win and avenged a 0-2 defeat in the first leg.

Boyd missed a penalty and Hanslick pushed the ball over the line

The Lauterers got their first chance of the game in the sixth minute. Hanslick started, but was caught by opposing keeper Daniel Pots. Charbrooken also tried to play quickly forward, but failed again and again due to better defense in the league. The relatively balanced game was created with a slight increase in opportunities for lotteries. After a good quarter hour, they entered the opponent’s penalty area, where Charbroken’s Steven Zelner initially stopped Terence Boyd with a strong tackle. The ball fell to Marlon Ritter, who is said to have been hit in the leg by Jellner. The referee awarded a penalty – a controversial decision. Terence Boyd stepped in, but the ball came too far towards the goal and Bates chased. Boyd failed early on in the follow-up shot, but Hanslick pushed him 1-0 (17th) over the line.

Kevin Cross received a red card

As a result, FCK took over the game and allowed much less behind. The Antwerp team again and again pushed the Pinbrix forward, making it very difficult for Surbrookan to access the game. At 45 it sounded loud again in Betsenberg. Kevin Cross received a red card for hitting Robin Shoe in the abdomen in a fight. In this situation, the cross did not need to be considered, but justified the high leg decision. Marco Antwerpen saw it: “Kevin wants to get the ball, but it’s too late. You can give it a red card,” the FCK coach said after the game.

Boyd and Redonto scored after equalizers

Of course, Sarbrooken regained hope. The Cochin team walked out of the half-time break hoping to be able to turn the match around again. Three minutes after the restart, the FCS found a response. Substitute Tobias Janike equalized 1-1. The game seemed to be going in a different direction. But the FCK retaliated in the 57th minute. Mathieu Rob led Terrence Boyd with a long swing. He immediately won against two opponents and turned the ice 2: 1. “It was exciting, it was so awesome,” Boyd said excitedly about the mood after his opening goal. Despite the high number of lotters throughout the second half, the Red Devils won 3-1 through Kenny Redonto (65 ‘).

A quarter of an hour before the end, some Sarbrooken fans expressed their frustration at the re-trigger. Firecrackers flew across the field and in the direction of FCK fans. The referee then suspended the match for a second time. However, it could continue, and in the end FCK celebrated a deserved 3-1 victory. With this, Palatinate regained second place of the season and could continue to climb on their own. The FCK Challenge is set to take place next Friday (7:00 pm) at Wayne Wiseden.


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