Gummersbach – A black evening for Sigurdsson’s team – Disappointing defensive performance – “RPP – Outpatient Treatment and Rehabilitation Center” and AggerEnergie cover VfL Gummersbach.

VFL Eintracht Hagen – VFL Gummersbach 40:36 (20:16).

VfL Gummerbach was unknown in the first game in Eintracht Hagen and also lost 36:40 to the second rookie team after not scoring any points in Rostock. There was nothing to see from the sovereign’s performance at Hamm last Friday, especially defensively, as the leaders disappointed across the board and once again showed their weakness outside the SCHWALBE circuit at home. Eintracht’s goalkeeper, Tobias Mahenk, turned into a nightmare for Gummersbach, who, despite conceding 36 goals, managed to save 21, including three meters, and became the hero of the evening from Hagen’s point of view.

Gummersbach hasn’t led once in 60 minutes, Julian Koster was pretty much alone in the backcourt. The new international scored eleven goals, while his right-back counterpart, Janko Bozovic, had a pitch-black evening and required a total of 11 attempts to score his three goals. But playmaker Ole Pregler also had a hard time. From the start, a fast-paced game was developed in which the two teams met with open-ended scenes. Already in the first minutes, Mahncke put his stamp on the match: at 5:3 (6th) by former VFL captain Alexander Becker, Hagen’s goalkeeper already scored four saves in his stats.


The guests made several small mistakes in the run up against Eintracht’s aggressive cover, but Hagen also had to applaud the high speed and didn’t always play flawlessly, but set up the next scent mark at 9:6 (16th) through Pouya Norouzi. Symptomatic of Gummersbach’s offensive efforts was that of Elide Fedarson, who mistook the empty house on the host side of his circuit. The table leaders were able to equalize 10:10 (20) by Hakon Styrmisson, but the following procedure already showed that VfL was simply too unfocused that evening: Lukas Blohme let Becker hit the ball with a pawn-stealing midfield pawn.

Since then, almost everything at Hagen has worked. Mahncke evolved more and more into an insurmountable wall, while the people up front gleamed with Kempa tricks, cranes and gates under dire distress. Around 13:10 (23) and 16:12 (26) the 20:16 advance of the host at the whistle-breaker for the Sovereign’s judgment was more than deserved. And even after the break, the team from the Ruhr region dictated what happened. 26:20 (37) Called up a few minutes later, even the subsequent authorized red card against Tim Stefan, who rudely snatched Ole Pregler out of the air, didn’t do well as Oberberger’s captain. Instead, Hagen continued to do the magic: especially Valentin Schmidt’s long hints from space left to right winger Damian Toromanovic were a real feast for the eyes.

At 31:22 (44) by the former VfL Academy player, disaster emerged from the guests’ point of view. Sigurdsson reacted personally and brought Jonas Stober and Tom Kessler to Dzialakievich – but not much changed in the balance of power until 35:28 (53). The Icelandic soccer coach pulled the last ace from his sleeve in the last minutes: an open man’s scrutiny. Suddenly Hagen got nervous after 37:29 (54). Gummersbach finally wins the ball and suddenly he smells it again at 37:34 (57) by Julian Koster. Filip Vorliczk fired an astonishing number of hosts 150 seconds from the end but with 38:34. Sigurdsson’s team doesn’t have much time to deal with defeat, and the next assignment at the SCHWALBE Arena awaits with EHV Aue on Sunday night.

Hagen: Filip Vorlichk, Damian Turomanovic (aged 8), Valentin Schmidt (5/2), Daniel Mestrom, Boya Norouzi (4 years), Tim Stefan, Tilman Bruhl (3 years old), Alexander Becker, Jan Lars Gobats (2-year-old), Julian Reininger (1).

GummersbachJulian Koster (11), Eldi Fedarsson (6), Lukas Blom (4), Stepan Zeman, Haakon Stimson, Ole Brigler, Janko Bozovic (3 years), Jonas Stuber, Simon Dzialakevich, Tibor Ivanisevic (1 year old).


8:10 min (Noruzi, Stefan (red), Reininger, Becker – 2x Zeeman, Brigler, Fedarsson, Kessler).

seven meters

2/3 – 0/4 (Schmidts lifter lands on crossbar – Styrmisson fails to crossbar and Mahncke, Bozovic throws twice against Mahncke).




Christian vom Dorff / Fabian vom Dorff.

Results and table


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