Decisive game forced: Bayern basketball players intoxicated against Barசாa

Decisive game forced: Bayern basketball players intoxicated against Barசாa

Compulsory decision maker
Bayern basketball players against intoxicated Barசாa

From a gala to a match point: Basketball players from Bayern Munich can continue to dream about their historic entry into the final four of the Euroleague. Coach Andrea Trincieri’s side beat FC Barcelona in the fourth quarter by a huge margin.

FC Bayern Munich forced FC Barcelona into the playoff quarterfinals of the Euroleague quarter-finals. The Bundesliga club won the Catalan title on Friday evening at 59:52 (36:25), tying the five-match series 2: 2. The fifth match of the battle for the final fourth place in Belgrade (May 19/21) will take place next week in Barcelona. “We have a chance in a game right now. It’s going to be great,” Augustine Rubit told Magentasport: “Anything is possible.”

Bayern’s defensive team dominated the first round. The star team around former NBA professional Nicola Myrotic scored twelve points. The hosts, on the other hand, continued to play under the basket and went up six points after ten minutes. Bayern also performed well in the second half, defending brilliantly and going into the dressing room with an eleven-point lead. “We’ve in the game, but the second half will be even harder,” said Bayern coach Andrea Trincieri.

The first five minutes of the third quarter, however, were weird. Bayern advanced to three points, Barcelona not even one point and only nine points at the end of the third round. So Bayern extended their lead to 50:34.

FC Barcelona also fell far short of normal form in the final quarter and only hit simple baskets in the final minutes. The Trincomalee team, on the other hand, came to the fore over time and traveled to Spain for the fifth match with great confidence.

The best pitcher at FC Bayern was Nick Weiler-Bob with twelve points. Of the disappointing team coached by Sarunas Jasikavicius, Alex Abrain was the most successful with twelve points.


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