“Deadly Crossings”: A minister wants to ban escape films

“Deadly Crossings”
Minister wants to ban escape videos

Time and time again, users post videos of refugees crossing over the Internet. A recording of men in a rubber boat on the English Channel recently went viral on Tiktok. UK Home Secretary Priti Patel is now calling for the videos to be banned.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel has called on social media platforms to remove videos from crossings across the English Channel. Companies like Facebook or Tiktok urgently need to act as the videos “glorify” the illegal crossing of the canal by migrants, Patel wrote in a letter to the companies, according to British news agency PA.

According to the Ministry of Interior, a video clip has spread on Tiktok in the past few days showing a group of men in a rubber boat on the channel. Videos like this have also appeared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which smugglers use to advertise crossings. It is absolutely unacceptable to declare these “fatal crossings”.

The conservative politician is famous for her hard line against immigrants – at times she touched on the use of military ships in the English Channel. Time and time again, refugees from France make their way across the Channel to Great Britain – often on simple inflatable boats.

In the past few days alone, according to the Palestinian Authority, about 600 people have attempted to cross the canal. Time and time again, people are killed in the process. The Border Police are doing their part on both the British and French sides to stop the smugglers. Since Brexit, legal immigration to Great Britain has become more complex. A points-based immigration system is implemented.

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