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Darmstadt Evangelical Pension Fund: change of board | heads | 01/05/2022



Dr. Helmut Mathie

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At the end of 2021, a spokesman for the Board of Directors of the Evangelical Pension Fund in Darmstadt (ERK) Dr. Helmut Matthe, retired after spending more than 20 years with ERK. Mathie began his work at ERK in 2001, initially as General Manager and since 2013 has taken on the role of spokesperson for the Board of Directors. ERK reported this on its own behalf.

designated successor
The ERK Board of Directors has appointed Catherine Hussung as the new member of the Board of Directors (right image). Since the beginning of 2022, the attorney and tax advisor has been responsible for the procurement, accounting and risk management areas of ERK.

Husung belongs to the Aquila Capital Group, where she was the Managing Director of KVG in Luxembourg. The two-person ERK board is made up of Husung and Klaus Bernshausen.

The ERK in Darmstadt is one of the four pension funds of the Protestant Church in Germany. It cares for approximately 12,000 beneficiaries and their surviving dependents in 10 of the 20 regional Protestant churches and manages assets estimated at approximately four billion euros. (aa)


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