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Dancing Stars: About sleeping, falling down the stairs and the wrong wife

It’s showtime again on ORF – on Friday evening, the first broadcast of the new season “Dancing Stars” began on stage. New jury member Maria Santner Praised on social media, the new medium Norbert Oberhauser A little more critical and about the juror Karina Sarkisova It is – as always – much discussed.

And there is already an alpha male “fight” – better to say, a little struggle, because the former goalkeeper Otto Konrads performing a slow waltz for his juror Balaz Aker “For a thousand reasons” was not affected at all. “I almost fell asleep,” the former player told.

“He also knows he’s not very good. What he doesn’t know is that his charisma didn’t appeal to the audience. That was our message to him. If he can change that, he can make progress once and for all if he learns a little more to dance, then makes more progress. That’s it. The way you can survive from broadcast to broadcast,” Ekker tells KURIER, who also emphasizes that no one should be afraid of him.

fiery things

But Conrad does not want to give up sleep. “In the next show, we’re going to use some kind of fireworks, because nobody should be sleeping while doing that,” he says. His professional dancer says, “We just accept criticism, look at it, analyze it. We try to bring something better on the floor at the next show.” Linka Bohoralek Very practical.

By the way, the next dance will be Cha-Cha-Cha, which are completely opposite movements from his previous life, assures Conrad. “I have already reached my limits, it will be exciting.”

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Old wounds from his professional football days seem to have left their mark. “There are limitations, but we don’t talk about injuries, because that’s always an excuse. Not yet, maybe later,” he says with a laugh.

Sarkisova is deeply in love

On the other hand, the “oldest bone ever beaten here” is a perfect fit as a sneaker, an Austropop legend Boris Bukowski (75). Not only did he firmly deliver on the dance floor, but he also conquered with his swift stride Also in the center of the storm – or, as she herself says, above – the juror Karina Sarkisova.


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