Home Economy Dad: The customer searches for a popular product in vain – the discount reacts

Dad: The customer searches for a popular product in vain – the discount reacts

Dad: The customer searches for a popular product in vain – the discount reacts

Aldi: The customer suddenly searches for a beloved product in vain – the discount reacts immediately

Why is Aldi called in Austria Hoover

Why is Aldi called in Austria Hoover

Aldi Süd first expanded abroad in 1968. In Austria, the company’s subsidiaries are called Hofer.

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desperate search in Aldi! A client searches several Aldibranches and do not know what to do next.

This product has always been included Aldi south, but now nowhere to be found. Now you ask the opponent directly. She doesn’t have to wait long for an answer.

Dad: The customer is looking for a likable product – will he come back?

“I have been looking for a product for months that I always buy from you and can no longer find it in any Aldi store,” the customer wrote depressed on the official Aldi Süd Facebook page. The missing product is a tea latte with vanilla and cinnamon. “He was always in the coffee and cappuccino department,” said the confused customer. She only has one important question for the opponent: “Is this coming back?”


This is Aldi:

  • Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are two separate groups of companies in Essen and Mülheim
  • Aldi stands for Albrecht-Discount: In 1913, Karl Albrecht started his own retail bread shop in Essen
  • In 1962, the family business was transformed into a pure discount company and given the current name “Aldi”.
  • Divided into North and South in 1961
  • Aldi is now one of the top ten retail groups in the world
  • In the prospectus you will find announcements of the latest offers
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Aldi Süd responds to the request, but there is a slight misunderstanding at first. The Aldi team on social media is thinking first of Expressi capsules, which are only available for some promotions in branches. But this is not what the customer intended, but the cappuccino can. However, the reaction to this is likely to disappoint them.


More news from Aldi:

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Aldi Süd answers: “We serve cappuccinos in a variable order, so unfortunately it can be sold out faster in some branches.” However, there is still some hope for frustrated customers. A team member is “sure” that the desired product will be available again soon. (mbo)


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