Home Top News # Create Everything: Actors Criticize Corona Policy – “It’s Art”

# Create Everything: Actors Criticize Corona Policy – “It’s Art”

# Create Everything: Actors Criticize Corona Policy – “It’s Art”

The names of the actors who appeared on YouTube under the hashtag #allesdichtmachen on Thursday evening are known at least in German-speaking countries. Among others, taken by Ulrich Tukur, John Joseph Lifers or Meredith Becker Short clips In it they issued personal statements about the corona policy of the federal government, sometimes radical, but above all contradictory.

The hashtags #allesdichtmachen, #niewiederaufmachen and #lockdownf├╝rimmer were popular on German-speaking Twitter in the evening. Wunder am Werk GmbH from Munich is behind this campaign, which can be seen from the website’s logo, which was launched, but has since been the subject of numerous calls. Managing Director Bernd K. Wunder confirmed to SPIEGEL that his company was behind it. But Wonder didn’t want to say much on the phone, “This is art.”

Tukur says in his video: “Theaters, cafes, schools, factories, bookstores, button shops, no, all grocery stores, weekly markets and above all, not just all supermarkets, every human activity, every commercial space is without exception.” In his clip, Lifers thanks all the media in our country, which has been tirelessly in charge for more than a year, with a clear position that the warning is right wherever it is, with a contradictory undertone, i.e. at the highest point.

Shared reactions on social networks

This “art”, to put it mildly, provoked the least divisive reactions on social networks. “The cast of #Alesdichtmachen can move their paradox deeper into the ventilator,” tweeted Tobias Schleck, the present-day assistant paramedic. Stephen Nickmeyer, media journalist for “Uebermedien.de”, wrote about “disgusting contradiction” and “breaking the dam”, which was “the biggest hit of the lateral thinker scene so far”.

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However, the applause came from Hans-George Massen, the former head of the Central Office for the Defense of the Constitution. But Hamburg virologist Jonas Schmidt-Sanasit also liked the act; He talked about a “masterpiece” that “makes us think a lot”.

The art and cultural scene has been severely affected by corona activities for more than a year. For example, according to the Federal Drama Association (PFFS), many actors in Germany have had no income since March 2020. According to the association, two-thirds to three-quarters of all actors and actresses live off guest involvement in theaters that are currently unable or unwilling to work.


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