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Covid-19 live: Ferran notes ‘decreased immunity’ after ‘four months’ among those over 60

Lifting restrictions too quickly?

The question arises daily, since the resurgence of Covid-19 cases: Were the measures relaxed too soon? Yes, for Veronique Mondin, an infectious disease specialist from Nice in an interview with France Bleu. It sees the beginning of the sixth wave in the Maritime Alps where the infection rate increased by 25% in one week.

However, according to the models of the Pasteur Institute and the majority of epidemiologists, should this increase in cases be relatively minor and result in relatively few hospitalizations, the trend is starting to continue.

Vaccines targeting Omicron? not before “autumn”

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach estimated on Tuesday that vaccines adapted to the Omicron variant would not be available in the European Union “until the fall.” In the meantime, he recommends that a booster dose (a fourth dose) be given to those over 60 years of age within the European Union.

About a fourth dose?

After a meeting in Brussels, European health ministers on Tuesday evening expressed their desire to coordinate on the administration of a fourth dose, for the most vulnerable. According to Olivier Veran, “Scientific data (…) show a decrease in immunity conferred by the third dose (…) after four months (…) in people aged 60 years and over,” he declared.

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