Cost what can

Cost what can

BCountries jointly committed to shaping structural change in coal regions. The massive tax money for the future of the disaster-stricken areas is a good sign. Under normal circumstances, an early exit from 2038 may be possible.

But since Putin invaded Ukraine, nothing is normal anymore, as the huge rise in energy prices in this country shows. For this reason alone, East German heads of government are riled up as to why not all the power generation capacity available has long been used.

High efficiency

in Lausitz The world’s newest coal-fired power plants were built after 1989, and they are not low in carbon dioxide, but with a relatively high level of efficiency. Leave them off in the current situation only because the plan in normal times states that it is not only difficult for the three prime ministers Haselof, Krechmer and Weddick.

But even if Schulze wanted to, he couldn’t decide it on his own. His coalition partners are developing centrifugal forces, and there is still a great delusion in their ranks that the energy transition must now take place, no matter the cost. As long as the electricity comes “from the socket” for some people, i.e. there is no insight into what is necessary now, it will not work.


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