Controversial visit: Pelosi defends her trip to Taiwan

Controversial visit: Pelosi defends her trip to Taiwan

Status: 10/08/2022 10:10 PM

For China, Taiwan is considered part of its territory. The American Democrat Pelosi’s visit there was an affront to the government in Beijing. Pelosi has now sworn her visit against any criticism.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has defended her controversial visit to Taiwan. “We will not allow China to isolate Taiwan,” said the Democratic politician in Washington. For example, the People’s Republic of China prevents Taiwan from becoming a member of the World Health Organization. “But they’re not stopping us from going to Taiwan,” Pelosi said.

In the Politician’s trip at the beginning of the month There has been criticism from China in particular – but also from other countries. Referring to the US military’s assessment of the visit, Pelosi said, “I don’t remember them ever telling us not to travel.”

Pelosi: Do not accept China’s strategy on Taiwan

In response to the US politician’s visit to Taiwan, China did so Large-scale military exercises Completed around the Peninsular Democratic Republic and also March of Conquest.

In Pelosi’s view, the United States cannot allow China to increase pressure on Taiwan. She said China is trying to create a new type of normalcy, referring to government statements in Beijing that controversial maneuvers over Taiwan will continue in the future. “We can’t let that happen,” Pelosi said.

Traveling to China is a violation of sovereignty

The Chinese leadership rejects official contacts from other countries with Taiwan because it considers the island part of the People’s Republic of China. On the other hand, Taiwan has always considered itself an independent country. China considered Pelosi’s visit a provocation and a violation of its sovereignty. “We went there to show our friendship and prove that China cannot isolate Taiwan,” Pelosi said. When asked about the sanctions announced by China against Pelosi and her families, she said, “Who cares?”

Pelosi – under Protocol Number Three in the United States – has been the highest-ranking American politician in Taiwan for a quarter of a century. Before the trip, US President Joe Biden, when asked about Pelosi’s plans, said, “I don’t think the military thinks it’s a good idea right now.”


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