Climate activists blocked traffic – A66 and A648 temporarily blocked

Climate activists blocked traffic – A66 and A648 temporarily blocked

Climate activists block roads and motorways at seven traffic points in Frankfurt. They call for a halt to investments in fossil fuels. Police said traffic was disrupted.

Climate movement in Frankfurt, starting this morning “Last generation” Traffic was blocked on seven streets and exits from the highway. According to spokeswoman Carla Heinrich, activists are sitting on the road with the Super Glue on the A66 highway. Police said traffic was disrupted. Thus traffic was diverted to the center of the city, but a lane in the area was passable.

Other siege points are the motorway exit of the A648 Emerson Bridge, Leonardo-da-Vinci-Alli, Catherine Nicrisil and Theodore-Hughes-Alli – where activists line the street with banners.

The “last generation” is leading its protest against the “unrestricted funding for new infrastructure for oil, coal and gas domestically and abroad with German money” at Frankfurt’s financial center, according to a statement. Nobody wants fresh oil from the Arctic or fossil fuels from Qatar. “

Bundesliga match between Eintracht Frankfurt and SC Freiburg yesterday Hosted two activists The goalposts tied themselves with cable ties on the pitch and around their necks. Thus the game was interrupted for a while.

Along with the campaign, climate activists are calling for a “stop fossil madness”, thus marking the federal government’s previous investments in fossil gas and oil projects.


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